Meghan Campbell

Meghan Campbell obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Georgetown University and completed her PhD in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics at Yale University. Following her graduate studies, Meghan moved to Genentech for a postdoctoral fellowship in Neuroscience. Over the last 15+ years, Meghan’s research has focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms underpinning a variety of diseases including Alzheimer’s, autism spectrum disorders, lupus, musculoskeletal disorders, acute liver injury, and peripheral neuropathies.

At Alkahest, Meghan leads a fantastic team of scientists working to fill the Grifols’ discovery pipeline with new therapeutics. She has supported development of novel technologies, IND filings, published three manuscripts, and even initiated the Alkahest run club. Outside of the office, Meghan is a mom of two young kids and enjoys hiking and spending time at beach near their home.