Alkahest - Therapies Born from the Science of Aging

Therapies Born from the Science of Plasma®

Therapies Born from the Science of Plasma®
Alkahest is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company targeting neurodegenerative and age-related diseases with transformative therapies derived from a deep understanding of the plasma proteome in aging and disease.

Harnessing Chronokines

Aging is the dominant risk factor in degenerative diseases, particularly those with no or few therapeutic solutions. Alkahest is decoding the plasma proteome to create groundbreaking therapies that halt or reverse these harmful effects of aging in critical diseases. Our unique approach capitalizes on the body’s natural vehicle of communication: the plasma proteome.

Targeting specific chronokines, the proteins that increase or decrease with age, allows us to create therapeutics that modulate a wide range of deleterious age-related disease mechanisms with unique precision. These include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and others.

Chronokines as Therapeutic Targets

We are developing clinical candidates that increase or decrease the levels of key circulating chronokines to either promote innate and natural restorative biological processes or inhibit pathological degenerative processes. Our therapeutics include both traditional pharmaceutical modalities as well as highly selected and refined plasma fractions and other methods for antagonizing or supplementing the most biologically active chronokines.

Targeting the Diseases of Our Future

ResearchIND EnablingPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3
Parkinson's Disease (partnered with MJFF)
Inflammatory Disease
Alzheimer's Disease - Mild to Moderate
Alzheimer's Disease - Severe
Parkinson's Disease with Cognitive Impairment
Postoperative Recovery
End Stage Renal Disease related Cognitive Impairment
Novel Factors

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