Proteomic Discovery: Chronokines

Proteomic exploration has been key to the discovery that our plasma proteome changes with age and disease. We use advanced techniques to find, characterize, and understand chronokines and their biological function. Our arrays, mass spectrometry, mechanistic mapping, and preclinical validation experiments help us isolate chronokines and the function they play. These functions range from regulating protein processing, controlling the immune system, driving degeneration and regeneration, reactivation of stem cell activity and more.

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Our proteomic work also helps us narrow down on which chronokines change significantly with either age or disease, and those that serve central checkpoint functions in the biology of aging. The most impactful targets become the inspiration for our therapeutic candidates. We also utilize proteomics to explore samples from our clinical trials, in order to better understand the mechanism of action of our therapeutics and search for biomarkers of relevance to the disease and our drugs.